Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

direct integrated solar water heaterIntegrated Low Pressure Solar Water Heater System

  • Our most inexpensive solar water heater system
  • Automatic control of cold water supply
  • Hot water comes out either by gravity or pump
  • Food grade stainless inner tank
  • Built-in electric heating element for backup
  • Vacuum solar tubes with blue diamond coating
  • Available in 50 gallon and 80 gallon sizes
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50 Gallon Integrated
Low Pressure Solar Water Heater
80 Gallon Integrated
Low Pressure Solar Water Heater
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Your total purchase price, including warranties, and accessories can all qualify for federal tax rebates.

Optional Accessories

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Your QDD Solar Water Heater comes with a 3yr warranty. Upgrade your warranty to lifetime status and your system will be covered for manufacturer's defects affecting performance any time down the road for the original purchaser.



Tempering Valve

Use our advanced tempering valve to setup the water temperature you want to avoid scalding. Recommended.



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Solar Water Heater Controller

With this upgrade, you can electronically set and automatically maintain the minimum water temperature of your solar water heater tank. If you ever run into extended periods of sunless days, this controller can be set to engage the solar water heater's built in electric heating element to effortlessly maintain your hot water temperature. Compatible with direct and double tank solar water heaters.


Additional Information

How does QDD Solar's integrated low pressure solar water heater system work?

Our solar water heaters use 3rd generation technology, maximizing efficiency up to 97%. Water heating is currently one of the most cost-effective ways to utilize the power of the sun.

The low pressure solar water heater design works best for raised installations such as on a rooftop, or with use in conjuction with a solar pump.

This chart shows how the solar vacuum tubes gather energy from the sun and heat the cool water at the bottom of the tank. Warm water naturally rises to the top of the tank and is then transferred through the pipe into your plumbing for use, combined with cold water at a mixing valve to control water temperature.

The time it takes to heat water is less than three hours and water can be maintained at a warm temperature for up to 72hrs in the absence of sunlight. The built-in electric heating element can serve as a back up in the case of long periods of sunless weather.

An optional QDD Solar Tempering Valve can also be installed (recommended) on the solar water heater system to regulate the temperature of water coming from the tank.

low pressure solar water heater

For commercial use (hotel, office building etc.), or pool, spa or hot tub heating, several solar water heater units and/or solar collector tubes can be connected together to provide high capacity water heating.

In this fashion, businesses can greatly reduce their electric bills and home owners can use their pool, spa or hot tub all year round. Please contact us to answer your questions on configuring a solar energy solution that is right for you.


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